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SoulRooted Development

Cultivating soul & finding meaning as a revolutionary act

“Our aim is to facilitate soulrooted personal development in order to grow true adults and elders that serve as evolutionary agents for the generation an ecocentric world.”

It’s Time To Live Your SoulRooted Life

Soulrooted development is a developmental process that seeks first and foremost to align the self with one’s deepest evolutionary desires. Through this process of deepening self discovery one comes to realize that their deepest desires are in-service to the evolution of the whole. This process of “self realization” is a process of coming into contact with the images of soul and transforming the ego sufficiently in order to translate soul through the self into the world in service to the evolution of life and consciousness.

The ultimate aim of soul rooted self development from this perspective is the maximization of experience and expression in service to the evolutionary development of all life and consciousness over all possible time. The ecocentric world view that permeates the soul-rooted development process holds the understanding that any self is an emergent property of relationships as an expression of the whole. Thus there is no such thing as a truely independent self or a truely dependent self but only an interdependent self. Thus for the self to develop with continuity over time the self must be in service to development of its interdependent relationships facilitating the conditions for the maximization of health and vitality for those relationships. There can be no such thing as self development outside the context of life and culture, thus all self development is life development and cultural development. Thus soul rooted development is ultimately in service to the growth, evolution and continuity of life and culture, and life and culture must also be in service to soulrooted development of all individual selves.

The 3 Pillars of SoulRooted Development


Ensoulment is the process of coming into relationship with ones deepest evolutionary desire. This desire has often been described as the image we were born with; the wildly unique expression of life that only you can offer as gift to the whole. It is the SEED that contains the image of potential, the unique niche we were born to fill. SEEDS is in service to supporting your ensoulment process as part of the ecocentric evoltuonary process.


Development is the process of cultivating the skills, capacities, “languages” that one utilizes to actualize/express ones soul desires in this life. Where ensoulment gives us the image/inspiration, development gives us the means/tools to grow the image/express ourselves into the world. We are in service supporting your development towards the actualization of your most authentic self for the evolution of the whole.


The transcendance cultivates and guides ones choices in ones life. If ensoulment is the what (the image/desire one longs for), the development is the how (the skills to actualize the image), the transcendance is the why (what the image is in service to). Cultivating our transcendent state of being grows a capacity to be with life and all its complexities with more grace and ease. It allows us to “rise above” any given situation providing “space” for more effective choices to be made. We are in service to the development of your transcendent consciousness. 

The 4 Facets of Wholeness 

The North

The West

The East

The South

Our Soul Rooted Development system draws from a number of differnt maps and modals pionered by a number of differnt visionary artisians of pyscho-spiritual development. One of the most intuitve and powerful maps that we draw upon is the 4 directional modal of the psyche beautifully articulated in Plokins “Wild Mind”. Here we are working in the domain of the Self for the cultivation  “wholeness”, which is an ever expanding eco-centric evolutionary process of integration. Each direction is a unique facet (part) of the wholeness (circle/wheel) of the self. These facets can be simply understood through the archtypes for The Sage / The Trickerster / The Innocence (east), The Wild Indigenous / Pan / The Child (south), The Magician / The Lover / The Artist (the west), The Adult / The King & Queen (the north). Each direction foces on 1 of the 4 primary polarities of the self: Body – Mind, Soul – Spirit. Through the development and integration of the 4 facets of the self our wholeness grows increasing our agency, capacity and participation with life opening doors of experience previously unimaginable. 

SoulRooted Development Offerings

Soul-Rooted Healing Arts Collective

In an effort to meet the growing need for holistic, financially accessible, human-centered healing support in these times of collective upheaval, S.E.E.D.S. launched Soul Rooted Healing Arts at the beginning of the pandemic in May 2020 in order to offer a range of healing offerings for those seeking mental, emotional, and psycho-spiritual support. We currently offer holistic individual & couples therapy, evolutionary mirroring, natal & relational astrology readings, and ontological personal design. We have decided to formulate Soul Rooted Healing Arts as an innovative Healing Collective in order to collaboratively support one another to offer our services to the world with as little overhead as possible and with a shared investment in offering a diverse array of values-aligned offerings that are beyond what any one of us could offer alone. Feel free to check out our offerings here for more information or to book a session with a member of our team.

Evolutionary Soulrooted Astrology 

SEEDS offers unique and life-changing astrology readings rooted in our ecocentric evolutionary perspective. We draw on the evolutionary astrology tradition laid out by Jeffery Wolf Green that focuses on using the ancient science of astrology to identify the evolutionary path of the soul. Through this specific modality, we can bring more clarity to one’s soul gifts, help identify obstacles, patterns, and challenges that are seeking to be seen and integrated, and provide deeply affirming guidance wherever one is along their unfolding path.

Wilderness Rites of Passage

Immersion in wild places and rites-of-passage ceremonies are some of the most effective ways to support meaningful ecocentric development for individuals and communities. Simply put, spending intentional time in nature allows modern humans to down-regulate our nervous systems and attune our values to the rhythms and cycles of universal natural laws. These natural laws can be observed in the complex harmonious interplay of components within all healthy ecosystems, as well as in the regulating ebbs and flows of the earth’s continual rhythms and cycles across deep time. As the most effective teacher of ecocentrism, wild nature has a pivotal role to play within our work at SEEDS as the foundational teacher and container for real and long-lasting healing and wholing to take place.



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