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The School For Ecocentric Evolution & Design Strategies


Our mission is to be a catalyst for the emergent shift in consciousness towards a life-sustaining and life-enhancing world.

“We are life and consciousness dreaming possibilities into being for the evolution of life and consciousness into the future.”

Three Pillars of Ecocentric Evolution

Soul Rooted Self Development

,An ecocentric life-sustaining world will be grown out of an individual developmental process that roots the maturation of individuals into their unique essence, aka “soul” in service to the continuity & evolution of human culture and the more-than-human world. 

Holistic Cultural Evolution & Design

Culture is the constellation of only partially identifiable yet uniquely observable relational structures that support the communication and exchange between individuals and groups for the continuity and evolution of the whole. 

Re-Animation of the More-Than-Human World

To re-animate life is to honor the mystery, intellegence, and beauty present in all elements of the living cosmos through offering our curiosity, presence, and ecological stewardship in support of its continued harmonization and  dignity to unfold over time.


SEEDS facilitates ecocentric evolution across the 3 primary domains of experience – self, culture, and ecology – through applying the 3 pillars of ecocentric evolution as guideposts for every design, initiative, and project.

SEEDS Hubs (Bio-Regional Centers of Cultural Regenisis)

Turtle Lake Community Farm (Durango, Co)

In 2020, SEEDS partnered with the nonprofit Turtle Lake Refuge to co-facilitate the establishment of a “farm school community” that can serve as a bio-regional innovation hub facilitating the establishment of regenerative culture. The community has 15 permanent residents practicing low impact living, regenerative agriculture, alternative economics, expressive arts, collective decision-making, and a wide-range of integral developmental praxis to serve as a living symbol of creative models of local resilience. 

Chrysalis Cultural Center (Crozet, VA)

SEEDS is in the initial stages of a partnership with “The Chrysalis Culture Center” for the establishment of a bio-regional hub of cultural regenesis in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Crozet, Virginia. Land stewardship, political/ecological activism and social justice mobilization, expressive arts, community processes, and alternative education are some of the primary design aims under consultation and consideration.

SEEDS Initiatives

Community-Based Regenerative Market Garden

In 2021, SEEDS created its first enterprise ecology for the design, implementation, and management of a community-based regenerative market garden at the Turtle Lake Communty Farm. The garden was designed to serve as a catalyst and living example site for ecocentric evolution vales to be rooted into the earth through the artful application of the 3 pillars of designing holistically for the development of self, culture, and more-than-human world. It has quickly became a hub for soul rooted personal development, integral cultural regeneration, and the re-animation of the more-than-human world. 

Soul Rooted Healing Arts

In an effort to meet the growing need for holistic, financially accessible, person-centered healing support in these times of collective upheaval, SEEDS launched Soul Rooted Healing Arts at the beginning of the pandemic in May 2020 in order to offer a range of healing practices and supports for those seeking additional mental, emotional, and spiritual support. We currently offer holistic individual and couples therapy, evolutionary mirroring, and natal astrology for personal development. Feel free to check out our offerings here for more information or to book a session with a member of our team.

Community Quests & Rites-of-Passage

Ecoawakening (the realization of our interconnection with all life) is an essential step along the ecocentric evolutionary journey. In 2021, SEEDS facilitated its first “Community Quest,” during which 7 Durango-based community members ceremonially fasted on the land for the generation of soul rooted connection/healing, community development/maturation, and the re-animation of the sacred land we call home. Now SEEDS is in the process of designing and facilitating a wide variety of nature-based ceremonial offerings in order to actualize its aim of promoting place-based cultural regeneration. 

EcoEvolution Design Institute

The EcoEvolution Design Institute is our ontological and metaphysical play shop. Here we intellectually formulate the conceptual/metaphysical foundations for the ecocentric evolutionary unfoldment towards the life-sustaining and life-enhancing world of the future. Here we liberate the wild visionary potential of life and conscious to participate/design its own unfoldment into the future. Here we honor the gravitational pull toward a life-sustaining future world through aligning our conceptual design frameworks with our wildest innate longings for increased beauty, belonging, and interconnection to be grown through our own participation over time.