In a fractured world, the ancient art of growing whole becomes both a sacred and revolutionary act. In this emergent dialogue, we explore what it means to cultivate wholeness in a world marked by stark separation and deep forgetting. Growing whole is a life-long process of remembrance and reintegration, which ultimately weaves us back into connection with ourselves, one another, and life itself. Cultivating wholeness is a radically inclusive and accessible act because all of us have direct access to our innate wholeness from within us and the earth serves as a living reminder of wholeness all around us. From this earth-based perspective, we are continually invited back into right and balanced relationship within and without of ourselves. Drawing upon indigenous wisdom traditions and modern ecopsychologists, such as Bill Plotkin, who understand the human psyche as a mirror for the natural world, we explore principles and practices for rediscovering human wholeness across the four-directional medicine wheel.