Join us for a brief conversation on the importance of “giving life back to life” through honoring the more-than-human world with our attention, presence, and care. In this way, we as humans are invited to re-animate the more-than-human world, which instills all life with meaning and sacredness once again. This process of animation is both an ancient and emergent one, rooted both in a deep understanding of the living earth held by the first peoples of our planet and supported as well by an emergent shift in consciousness in our current times that strives to re-weave humans back into deep relationship with the earth and her creatures as the only viable avenue for stewarding life into the future. Within our ecocentric evolutionary framework, we’ve designated the re-animation of the more-than-human world as the “Third Pillar of Ecocentric Evolution,” by which we simply mean that it serves as an essential means for moving us toward a life-sustaining and life-enhancing world. Not only does the re-animation of the more-than-human world re-awaken us to the wisdom and aliveness of the living earth but it also provides an essential safeguard against the unconscious perpetuation of our egocentric separate self, human-dominated, capitalistic worldview that continues to enact harm, extraction, and devastation across the globe in the name of industrial growth’s continued “progress,” which benefits very few humans while exercising immeasurable harm on our more-than-human earth community. It does not need to be this way! We invite you into a simple practice to “give life back to life” as a first step in growing a life and way of being that helps to re-animate the more-than-human world with meaning and sacredness once again.